Monday, February 7, 2011

Seriously Yummy Yogurt (Liberte)

A quick disclaimer: I have not been paid (or threatened!) to give this product recommendation. I just honestly like it this much!

For the record, I've never been paid or bribed or otherwise reimbursed for any product review or anything like that. If I was, I'd probably have to change the name of this blog from "Green, Broke & Living in Kits" to "Green, with Variable and Unreliable Income, & Living in Kits".

I like to keep this blog ad-free, mostly because I HATE advertising. It's everywhere - it was even in the bathroom stall last Friday night at a pub on Granville Street. Bad enough having a poster in those NewAd holders staring at you while you're on the bog - now it's video of car commercials. I can't escape advertisements. When I finally come to power, . . . ! In the meantime, I will continue to boycott products whose commercials annoy me (which is probably about 90% of all television advertised products and services). I find the best things aren't widely advertised, anyway. And that's why I write this blog - to spread the word on worthy products and services you may not be aware of. Join the anti-ad revolution!

Back to happy things - how about AWESOME YOGURT! Unfortunately not free but very, very tasty (see my previous post for the cheap-nearly-free DIY yogurt which is good for making raita for Indian dishes). Liberte yogurt has become *the* staple at our place that we just can't seem to go without lately.

For him, the Mediterranee range. It's full fat, sugar (no aspartame or other creepy substitutes or artifical sweeteners), and gelatin-free (great if you're a conscientious vegetarian!). His favourite is Wild Blackberry, but it comes in 12 other flavours (Plain, Vanilla, Lemon, Coconut (yum!), Mocha, Strawberry, Mango & Oranges, Plum & Walnut, Peach & Passionfruit, Black Cherry (I want to try this next!), French Hazelnut, Wild Blueberry, Apple Pie and Dulce de Leche).

Mediterranee (Lemon). Creamy, creamy sweet goodness.

Pour madamoiselle, the Greek Yogurt. 0% milk fat (unbelieveable!), lots of protein, and thick, rich goodness. In fact, 18g of protein per serving. I've decided it's the perfect apres-gym snack. It is, sadly, not easy to find. I've looked on their website (front page advertises 2 new flavours: strawberry and fig & date. I can't wait to try the fig & date!), but I can't seem to find a page for their full range. (24 Feb Update - They've changed their whol website - full range, full page on this here).

I was so scared that it meant that they were phasing out the Greek Yogurt (Yoplait did buy them in Dec 2010 after all), that I emailed them. Neurotic, maybe, but it's crazy good yogurt. You can thank me later for this tip (I accept copper jelly moulds).

Found another fan of Liberte Greek 0% m.f. Yogurt on Blogspot (Appplecheeks - deliberate misspelling there). It was originally recommended to me by a friend, so I suppose I should reference her as well (Thanks Karen!).

I've only tried 'plain' and 'vanilla'. I'm optimistic there's more exciting options out there!

Another great thing about Liberte is their commitment to Sustainability. Okay, alright - virtually all companies are realising that tooting the eco-conscious horn is the easiest way to boost sales these days, and we should probably keep this in mind when choosing a company based on its environmental footing. (For example, Liberte boasts "Energy Efficiency" which is further defined as 'diagnosis and implementation of measures identified'. Talk about a meaningless phrase!).

So it's not any cheaper than the other commercially-available yogurts, and it's probably only slightly (if at all) 'greener' than the other brands (there's an Organic range as well). But it's so yummy, I wanted to share. That, and if you start buying the Greek yogurt, demand will increase and hopefully supply will follow!

Maybe there is no truly altruistic action after all.

14 February update - We tried the black cherry and the pineapple flavours this week. Freaking fantastic!

24 February update - President's Choice is now advertising 0% MF Greek Yogurt as well (just saw the ad on TV tonight), so check out Superstore. I haven't tried it yet, but if it's cheaper, I will!

Locally, Central Gourmet at 1st and Cypress, is carrying several flavours of the Liberte 0% MF Greek Yogurt now, including Fig & Dates (Fig & Dates also available in Mediterranee as well). It's delicious, in a prune-like way - bet it will be great with some chopped nuts and granola.

I have also changed all the links on this page that previously went to Liberte, as they have completely redone their website (it's much better now). 


  1. Guhhh... i LOVE the Mediteranee yogurt!! think my fav is the coconut... mmmm, so good mixed with strawberries! And I've tried the black cherry, which is also tops. it's ridiculously fatty and i feel kinda bad, but oh so good!

  2. where do u find this yogurt? i rarely see it in grocery stores

  3. Hey Eva,
    Safeway and IGA both sell it (though it sells out really fast - I've seen lots of empty shelves dedicated to Liberte!).
    Gourmet Central (independent grocer) at 3rd and Cypress in Kits also sells it, which leads me to believe that anywhere big enough to have a sizeable dairy fridge could carry it. I don't think the other independent I shop at carries it (New Apple on 4th ave.).
    IGA Marketplace even had the single-serving lunchbox size (Broadway at Yew), so I'm thinking IGA is your best bet?
    Good luck! Stock up if you see it! The Greek stuff is awesome! :)