Monday, February 7, 2011

Hoedown for Heart Research - 2011

Yeehaw! It's back, and it's happening on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11th in Gastown!

100% of the proceeds (from ticket sales, raffle, 50/50 draw, and toonie tosses, as well as the corresponding Chilli Cook-off at our workplace this week) will go directly to The Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & the Yukon.

It's heart month, so time to take stock of how you've taken care of yours in the past year. You can definitely exercise more. You can cut back on the saturated and trans-fats, too. You can even put away the salt shaker and cut back on sodium in your diet. All of these things are good for your heart and easy to do.

If your heart was broken (I'm sorry to hear if it was), well, not a lot you can do about that but allow time to heal those wounds. In the meantime, come out and meet some new friends this Friday at The Bourbon! I met my fiancee at the very first Hoedown for Hearts (ironically - I loathe country music and somehow found myself coerced into attending a fundraiser in Bur-quitlam on a cold February night! Can't complain, though!).

Can't say you'll have the same good fortune, but you could win a brand new Jackson Grills stainless steel portable BBQ and a $25 gift certificate to Choices Markets to go with it, or one of the many other raffle prize packages we have (one includes an iPod Shuffle, a 2 week unlimited YYoga pass (thanks Michelle & Sarah!) with all the bells and whistles like the infra-red sauna and mat & towel service, a wild mushroom picking tour with Swallowtail tours and more goodies!).

One of my favourites includes dark chocolates (also good for your heart!) generously donated by Rudie of The Chocolate Bear Shoppe in Tsawwassen (incidentally, the only place in all of the Lower Mainland I've been able to find Victory V's!), as well as a selection of local and not-so-local wines, and a wine tour and tasting for ten people at the super quaint and lovely Township7 winery and vineyard in Langley. Red wine's good for your heart, too! So is fresh air and light exercise - I recommend a daytrip for a wine tasting and picnic at Township 7; you can walk off the picnic along the lovely boardwalks at the nearby Campbell Valley regional park.

There's more prizes, of course! You'll have to come and see them to win them! LUSH products, salon gift certificates, and lots more!

If you're interested in buying a ticket ($10 each - incl. cover and a drink before 9:30pm), please comment below and I'll put you on the guest list or arrange a way to get the tickets to you before the big day!

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