Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sarah on Eating Animals, and my Sari Bari bag arrived!

You may recall the name "Sarah Jamieson" from one of my earlier posts on by-donation yoga. She's a lovely friend of mine who has an excellent blog, and today's post is on vegetarianism. Her book club recently reviewed "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer, and she has some interesting thoughts on it.

I also left a gigantic comment with lots of bright yellow smilies (I didn't realise that my compulsive usage of simplistic smilies was going to translate into colourful, goofy grins) on some ideas I have about being vegetarian or going vegetarian, or even just test-driving vegetarianism!

So I'd better get going on that raw food post (ooh, exciting! No really, trust me - surprisingly exciting!) and some ethnic cuisines that make being a vegetarian a joy. Oh alright, a pescetarian (I've got great seafood tips, too)!


My Sari Bari bag came! It's lovely! It's yellow and cheery! It's HUGE, too! Too big for use as a purse, but absolutely perfect for my gym bag! I tried it out at the gym tonight - just perfect. It even has a side pocket for a water bottle so I won't forget to bring it for a change!

The bag is actually very well made - there's a magnetic metal snap closure, a zippered pocket on the inside (metal too - not flimsy plastic), and a nice heft to it in general. I love it.

Rohima made it. Here's what the Sari Bari website says about Rohima:

A natural leader, full of patience and kindness. She brings the community together with strength and her compassionate heart. She now leads full time as the Assistant Manager at the new Sari Bari Unit.
Freedom Birthday: February 2007

Thank you, Rohima! And congratulations for your four year anniversary at Sari Bari. I'm really thankful for the people who started Sari Bari, and I'll bet you are, too. And thanks for making such a lovely bag! I love it!

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