Thursday, August 26, 2010

EchoClean Shampoo – Where are you?

For months, I have been hunting the elusive EchoClean personal care line by VIP soaps (see earlier blog on this local (Misson, BC), ecologically sound company producing all-natural detergents).

Caught me an EchoClean conditioner!
The first time I emailed the company, they were very helpful and told me that Stong’s Market (Dunbar) carried the line. They also told me that there would be a sale on VIP products on the BC Day long weekend! I went out of my way to visit Stong’s only to be disappointed by an empty space on the shelf where they used to be.

I have the world’s most wonderful boyfriend who lives closer to Stong’s than I do, and a month later he very sweetly went by there to see if they had restocked the EchoClean shelf. Horrors of horrors, he not only returned empty-handed, but reported that the shelf-space had been dedicated to another line of shampoos.

Curses! I have since emailed VIP again asking for a complete list of Vancouver retailers, but they haven’t replied in over a week now. Hmmm. Stubborn as an ox, I enlisted the help of an eco-minded friend who thought that Choices might carry the line as she had found biodegradable baby diapers and other natural products there before. Secretly cringing at the mention of the lovely but terribly over-priced grocery chain, I followed her to the Davie and Richards location not holding out much hope. Searching the natural and organic shampoo section, I came up empty-handed, again. I had almost given up hope.

But while Laura was searching for a baby-friendly Bifidobacterium preparation (not a bad idea, I thought! Get that gut flora populated nice and early!), I asked a staff member if they carried EchoClean shampoos and joy of joys, it was only as far away as Aisle 4!

I found the conditioner only. I mulled over buying the ‘Floral Peach’ scented one, and once I had made up my mind, promptly changed it and grabbed a ‘Lemon Grass’ conditioner instead. It had this sweet little “BC Product” sticker on it, it smelled of lemon meringue pie, and I was so happy to be buying a local, environmentally friendly product….!

That 500mL partially recycled plastic bottle of conditioner cost $7.99. Ouch. That’s Choices for you. I figured I had looked long enough and it was only a couple of bucks more than online (not including shipping), so why not. I picked up a roll of recycled aluminum foil (wonderful stuff) which was $6.69 and called it a day. Outrageous, but hey, I felt good about my purchases. And I saved a whole $0.03 by bringing my own bag. Lucky me.
If You Care Aluminum Foil. Expensive, but worth it.

But still no shampoo!

I had to run a few errands downtown (Dressew-related, i.e. more yarn and buttons), and I thought I’d swing by the Army and Navy store (Hastings near Carrall – two blocks north of the Tinseltown Mall). I’d never been . . . more on Army and Navy in a subsequent posting, but while I was there I figured I would hit up the shampoo aisle, not expecting this bargain-basement discount store to carry newly launched brands.

There it was: EchoClean conditioner, $4.69 or something. That was seriously $3.00 to $3.50 LESS than the bloody Choices Market! Argh – a 60% difference! And just to rub salt in the wound, NO SHAMPOO. I asked, but the lady seemed to think that it must have sold out. I toyed with the idea of buying the ‘Floral Peach’ while I was there, but upon reflection realized that having two bottles of conditioner and no shampoo would likely only serve to annoy me further. 

Is everyone in Vancouver reading my blog? Was there a run on EchoClean shampoo?! Is this why VIP hasn’t returned my email – they’re working 24 hours non-stop to meet demand and all because of me?! A girl can dream….

For the select few of you who read my blog (thank you for reading!!!), please do me a favour – if you see EchoClean shampoo in the store, of ANY scent, please let me know ASAP! Otherwise it’s going be a longish stint of fragrant, all natural but greasy, greasy hair. I’m not quite ready to admit defeat and order direct from VIP . . . I’d have to pay for shipping, and I’m trying to recoup my Choices losses.


  1. what about other natural shampoos? although not local, I use a shampoo & conditioner called Nude by Down Under Natural's. Much cheaper than Burt's Bees and made from biodegradable plant ingredients, vegan formula, eco-smart, etc

  2. I've not seen "Nude" before, and cheap is great! I would much prefer to support local companies, but I would be happy to buy that in the meantime - thanks very much for this tip!
    Incidentally, there's a Pantene commercial on TV that cracks me up. Apparently they did a "scientific study" to show that 'thin' hair contains up to 50% less protein. Guess what hair is made of? Keratin - it's a protein. Same stuff as in Jell-O. A hair that is 50% thinner will obviously contain half as much protein.... and adding cow-derived keratin to stick to the outside of the hair probably won't do anything but make it goopy, if it even stays around! Eat more fish or omega-unsaturated fatty acids if you want healthier, shinier hair. Cod Liver Oil caplets are probably a better investment. :)
    Natural shampoos rock! LUSH has GREAT solid, packaging-free shampoo bars as well - that's another route I could take.

  3. I also forgot to mention that the EchoClean bottles contain recycled plastic as well. :)

  4. Both shampoos and conditioners from echoclean are currently available at famous foods (Kingsway & dumfries).

  5. Oh, thank you Space Lady! :D xoxo