Friday, August 13, 2010

Dutch Blitz - Cheap Entertainment

I would like to dedicate this entry to my friend Andrew who has been so encouraging with my new-found hobby of 'blogging'. 

Dutch Blitz is a sweet, unassuming card game made by the Pennsylvania Dutch in Flourtown, PA, USA. It's old fashioned and very easy to learn.

But don't let the cute little figures and simple colour scheme fool you - this game gets really ugly really quickly. I've known it to put otherwise rock solid relationships in jeopardy, cause mothers to turn on their children, and have some of the most violent collisions of any card game going. I even know a couple who have decided that it's not wise for them to play head-to-head; if you're even a little bit competitive, be warned!

For about $15, you can buy your own set from Drexoll games (4th, near MacDonald) and invite 2 to 4 friends over for an evening of cards and shouting. If you have a family with children 8 years old and up (or those that can count 1-10, match colours and have the dexterity to move cards as fast as humanly possible), you can get the whole of your kin up in arms and out of control in no time at all. I've lost my copy of the rules (there was an incident....), but we've found a way to play in teams for the younger players to get in on the action and stay competitive.

Take your bored children off the electrical grid with this game. The simplistic green box describes Dutch Blitz as "A Vonderful Goot Game" and "Fast paced fun for everyone". It's great to take camping, assuming you have a large flat area to play on and no noise restrictions. BC Ferries vessels have proven to be yet another brilliant location for a furious game or two.

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned card game to drive people apart, I mean, bring them together. You can find Dutch Blitz at Drexoll Games on 4th or at the Granville Island Toy Company, or even at the Trinity Western University bookstore, apparently. For a list of distributors in other areas, or to send away for missing cards (it happens), visit the official website at .

Looking for a good old fashioned outdoor game? Stay tuned for a post on Kubb, the most talked about game on Kits beach (thanks to us)!

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