Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheap Eats!

A quick tip for those on a tight budget living in Kitsilano: the New Apple Farm Market at 4th and Vine sells bags of “ripe-right-now” and slightly bruised/discoloured fruits and vegetables for 99 cents apiece. 

I have to admit that I’ve never found such offers particularly appetizing, but yesterday we went to pick up some fruit for immediate smoothie purposes. (Incidentally, the local blueberries are cheap and plentiful right now - blueberries really ARE a ‘superfood’ and are worth eating as much as you can of!).

I figured that for less than a buck, two ripe mangoes was a no-brainer. I also saw a bag of red peppers (4) for the same price. I love red peppers – I put them in everything. But one of the best uses for them is “Roasted Red Pepper Sauce”, page 119 of Moosewood Restaurant ‘New Classics’ cookbook (or a roasted red pepper dressing in ReBar Modern Food cookbook, page 174 – the indescribably delicious Santa Fe Pasta Salad recipe). You need these cookbooks! Buy them used through or at your local second-hand bookstore. You can bet that a ‘used’ cookbook won’t be covered in grease stains and food since the recipient or purchaser obviously didn’t regard it as useful. I bought my Moosewood New Classics “used” on for less than half of the price advertised for a new copy, and this “used – in good condition” book arrived with the Costco price tag still on it, in immaculate condition. Sweet deal!

Check out the New Apple Farm Market bargain bin (at front of store, outside towards Vine Street) for cheap veggies that you will be slicing and dicing the same day.

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