Monday, May 7, 2012

The Pressure Cooker Search, pt II

I get by with a little help from my friends....!

A great big heart-felt thank you to Jen for her email to tell me about her ongoing friendship with the Presto 1781 23-Quart pressure cooker!

Jen spent much time and effort in researching the best pressure cooker when she bought one last year, too. She ended up buying this 'monstrous' one from Amazon because it can also be used as a pressurized canner. Now that's thinking - I might be finally able to safely can low-acid foods (like antipasto, mmmm!). Apparently she can even fit a turkey in it!

But most importantly, it has been successfully used to cook Rajma Chawal from the Vij's cookbook! How's THAT for a tailored review! Thanks so much, Jen!

It honestly tastes much more amazing than it looks!

Jen describes it as "a total tank", which I wouldn't doubt. Apparently it lives in their spare room closet... I don't have a spare room (or many closets - not even a broom closet in this old place!), and I think my husband might lose his mind if I suddenly acquired a pressure cooker that wouldn't even fit in the kitchen cupboards...!

There's another problem - Jen lives States-side. On, the pressure cooker is $76.59 and it qualifies for free shipping.

On, the same darn thing costs $129.99 (note that the Canadian dollar is currently well above parity!!! How does this figure?!), though apparently it too will ship for free.

Now the question is - do I buy it on and ship it to my friend's place in Washington state and owe them a favour for lugging it up, or do I try to find the same model elsewhere?

I get excited just looking at packages of dried beans, now. This has obsession written all over it!

Or, do I go in search for a small Hawkins brand one from one of the Indian grocery stores, and slip it amongst my pots and pans in the kitchen cupboard (rather than perch it on the living room bookshelf, which is likely where the Presto monster would have to live!)?!

I did a little more searching and found another blog that mentions Hawkins (Indian-style) pressure cookers in Vancouver: Thank you, NellaLou! See, this is what the Blogosphere is all about - getting out the relevant information that we ourselves have struggled to find, and to make it easier for the next person. Ah, altruism! So $40 or so for a Hawkins in grocery stores in Vancouver, eh? Hmm.

I got a reply back from the people at Gagan Foods...

You can buy Hawkin Cooker from
Sabzi Mandi
6684 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone # 604-327-4911
Contact : Chandan

Paul Arora
Gagan Foods International Ltd
8137 Swenson Way
Delta, B.C. V4G 1J5
Phone 604-583-6000
Fax 604-583-6001
Toll Free 1-877-327-9611

Note also the location (Main Street!) of Sabzi Mandi! I KNEW it wasn't simply a mirage! Blogosphere to the rescue once more!

Decisions, decisions. I suppose first I should find out why Canada Revenue has messed with my tax returns and find out if, and when, I'm getting that refund...! (Getting married part way through a tax year makes things woefully complicated!).

Thanks again, Jen! We'll see if I ever am able to adopt a monster like the Presto 1781 23-Quart. Just getting it here might be a problem (nevermind trying to find a place for it to stay!).

How could I forget to check London Drugs? Hmm, $50...

The search continues..... I'm getting closer....!

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