Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Reader.....

So how does this new "Dynamic View" format work for you?

Do you hate it? Can you see this background photo tiled, or is it just dull, flat GREY on the sides?:

I recently tried to view my blog from my work system (which is a little archaic and prone to failure at times), and I just got this flat, boring grey background.

And then I started to wonder - does everyone see that?

The other thing I really don't like about the new Dynamic View format, is the SEARCH feature. Sometimes I want to find a post (or typically something I mentioned once but I don't know which post it's in!), and all it does is highlight the text, but I have to scroll down for an eternity to find it!

Do you hate it, too? Would you rather I revert back to a simpler format?

I may anyway, but I would love to hear feedback. Please cast your vote / post your opinions below (Comments).

Because the whole point of writing this blog is to SHARE information EASILY with YOU! And if it's not working, please say so!

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