Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome News: Newly Welcomed Items in the Blue Bins!

This has made my day!

I hope this is still newsworthy - I only just discovered the new decal today - but it appears that both polystyrene (Styrofoam, the hateful substance!) and waxed milk cartons can now be thrown away in the "Mixed Paper" blue bins!

And paper towels, used tissue (eew) and plastic bags, too!

I'd just like to make a nod to my dear friend Oba who was one of the only other green-hearts I knew. He would round up all the plastic shopping bags from home and deposit them religiously at the nearby Safeway (which was one of the only places I know of to recycle them).

And now we can all happily just tip them into the Mixed Paper blue bin! Along with all the old facial tissues (very timely - allergy season!).

Well done, Metro Vancouver! In a short time, you have made tremendous strides! I'm quite pleased with our current city council. Alright, very pleased. Well done, Vision Vancouver!

NEXT BATTLE - get those bloody disposable coffee cups either BANNED or find a way to include them in this Mixed Paper bin, please!!!

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