Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Frugalista Calendar & $3 Fashion Experiment

Program your cell phone calendar - three excellent opportunities for real deals are happening late this April!

Since the Army & Navy Spring Shoe Sale and the VPL Spring Booksale are recurrent events that are already widely publicized, I'm going to spend the rest of this post mentioning a new and curious event coming for the first time two weekends from now:

Re-Fashion Vancouver happens later this month on Saturday April 21st, 10am to 5pm.

(shamelessly swiped from refashionvancouver.com)

For $3 admission, you'll get access to the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre-based indoor new or hardly-worn clothing-only garage sale where, in their words, "Cash is King".

$3 - hmmm, worth it? Well almost certainly it is, if you're that person who always ends up finding 'something' at a garage sale or consignment store. I'm a little picky, so I'm actually unsure as to whether or not that $3 would be a good investment.

So being a complete cheapskate, I found a loophole: VOLUNTEER! Sign-up form is on this link. While the website says that table-space for sellers is full, there still seems to be room for volunteers to apply. Volunteering at Re-Fashion even gets you free drinks at the Relish gastropub after party.

Now personally, I'm rather tempted to hit this event up. I figure if I go with a friend or two, then $3 can count towards the day's "entertainment", in which case it's cheaper than seeing a movie and there's a chance that I or a friend can get a real bargain on something lovely for spring and summer!

Then again, volunteering might mean early-scouting of the tables before 10am....! If you're serious about snagging that wicked deal, you might just consider spending all day Saturday at the event as a volunteer. Hey, there are even free drinks at the end!

Check out the Re-Fashion Vancouver website, and if you manage to find something awesome there, don't forget that you can get new shoes to match starting early morning on Wednesday at Army & Navy. And once you have the whole outfit together, why not sport it at the Spring Booksale at the central library downtown?

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