Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miura Waffle + Milk Bar on Davie

Well, well, well! Cold and flu season (and grad school 'busy-ness'!) has hit me hard! I apologise for the delay in posting.

I have a few semi-completed posts on the go that will be up in good time, but for today I'm just going to give a quick restaurant review / recommendation on MIURA Waffle and Milk Bar.

Right up there with "Innocent Coffee" for the cute & quaint quotient, Miura is a little-known hideaway on the outskirts of Yaletown, right in the transition area between Well-Dressed-Chihuahua-Ville and the West End.

Miura makes OISHII (delicious) waffle sandwiches (see their gallery here). The couple-owned-and-operated restaurant has innovative and mouth-watering creations from the Korean-esque "Hoisin" to the special that my husband had the other day which was a Bulgarian creation of some sort (pictured below). It didn't last very long at all!

You'll have to SMELL this hot-off-the-griddle creation to get the full effect! I wish I could remember the name.

My favourite, being a pescetarian and all that jazz, is the "Veggie", which is on special on Thursdays for $5.99. On a rainy, soggy day where all you really want is a quick, comforting and quiet hot lunch, the Veggie waffle sando is a choice you won't regret! The spinach is wilted and cooked right into the waffles that sandwich together sauteed mushrooms and rich cheese . . . with a glass of milk, this really hits all the right 'comfort' notes for me! (It's also a hot veggie entree that doesn't include red onions or an entire bulb of garlic, which is such a rarity! Bless the folks at Miura!).

So good, and amazingly filling! Seriously, this sandwich improves my day substantially.

My husband also loves the "HEC" (ham, egg, cheese), which is his 'usual'. But the specials they have are so creative and tempting that very often he tries something new. We've never actually even tried the 'sweet' waffle sandos and have always gone for the 'savoury' choices! Something tells me that the dessert-like ones will not disappoint, either!

Sweet, calm and quiet - a great place to enjoy a waffle sando! (It's also VERY CLEAN, which stands out downtown!)

I also can't help but think that THIS is the place to bring children to - the flavoured milk will be a hit, and what kid wouldn't love someone making up a 'gourmet waffle sandwich' for them, right before their eyes? If you're doing Christmas shopping downtown, Miura will provide a comforting oasis from the mayhem.

Banana Caramel on special Fridays. That seems appropro.

There might be cheaper places to eat out for lunch downtown (Megabite pizza, for example), but do not pass up Miura. ALWAYS SUPPORT THE LITTLE GUYS! In the spirit of the whole "Occupy Vancouver" stuff, avoid the big chains and give your money to those that deserve it (you can tell I'm not exactly 100% behind "Occupy" in Canada, can't you? Meh. Lacks organization and a coherent message. I feel whatever 'movement' was hoped for was quashed by rebellious and otherwise unsavoury deadbeats looking for an excuse to shout at 'authority' in general. Sad. Take up sports in the meantime to get the grumpies out, and come back when you have a REAL message and a REAL plan and you can bet I'll be more supportive then!).

Crappy, rainy day?! A waffle sandwich will fix that! No, really! It does for me!

Yep, I may find the whole Occupy "movement" (it's not moving much of anywhere, but I can't think of a better term) woefully ill-constructed and vague, but I get the general sense of it, I think. And that's "SCREW THE RICH BASTARDS AT THE TOP! LET'S HAVE OUR OWN LITTLE FRENCH REVOLUTION!"

Let them eat waffles....? Ah, but we CAN! And you can look across at Subway and Nandos and think, "Aha! I'm not lining the pockets of some rich, unscrupulous jerk! I'm having an AWESOME waffle sando at Miura instead! I rock!"

In which case, eating out at a sweet little shop by the honest, hard-working couple that runs Miura is a MUCH better choice that hitting up a stupid chain restaurant. The people of Miura are like you and I - independent and going our own way as much as we can in this society. Choose a waffle sando at Miura for lunch and snub your noses at the big corporations that feed you crap and advertising.

Honest food tastes better. And hot, freshly-made-to-order waffle sandos? They're the best of all!

Not quite patio weather, but I'll be making good use of it in the spring!

One last thought - if you like the "Parisian" crepe places, you'll LOVE Miura. It's about a billion times cleaner than any of the crepe places downtown, certainly better value and ingredients, less noisy and chaotic, and it's kind of the next chic thing. You can thank me with a Miura gift certificate for tipping you off nice and early!

MIURA Waffle + Milk Bar. 
829 Davie Street (between Hornby and Howe)

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