Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gregor the Green Go-Getter Returns!

Congratulations, Gregor Robertson on your resounding win!

Congrats also to Adriane Carr of the Green Party! I voted for you, too! Hooray! One thought though - I had no idea you were running! I only saw your name on the ballot and changed my plan on the spot! Perhaps a little more advertising next round, yes?

Congrats to the Vision Vancouver team, too. I like you. I think you do a great job. So does most of Vancouver (ha ha, eat it, NPA!). Election results are here on the CBC website.

I'm not big on politics in general, but there were a few things about the election campaign by Suzanne Anton and the NPA that really irked me:
  1. Suzanne, don't say that you're "interested in being 'green', too!" on camera when you're holding a disposable Starbucks' coffee cup with plastic lid. You're obviously lying . . . or are spectacularly obtuse! Now it's true that I also sometimes have disposable coffee cups. But I wouldn't be talking 'green' while holding one, unless I was using it as a prop for a new recycling initiative I was intending to implement, or a ban on  them outright. Yikes. Your idea of green is probably putting paper into the blue bin and not the trash - decades and decades old.
  2. The attack ads on television. What are we, American? Whose poor taste is that anyway? And I personally didn't care to have to hear whining like that in my living room. I didn't see any 'alternative choices' presented. You just wanted to complain, didn't you? Bah. Poor form, chaps! What WOULD you have done differently to prevent the Stanley Cup riots? Hmm? HMM? Nothing. I thought so. Way to convince me.
  3. Don't put hefty dudes' NPA campaigns on during traffic reports saying they're worried about traffic congestion (arterial congestion can mean a couple of things, bud!). Of course you are - I've seen skinny Gregor peddling away like mad in the bike lanes here in the downtown area where traffic moves smoothly (it sure does! Don't let anyone deceive you on that!). He's rolling along! You're probably stuck in traffic eating your drive-thru crap as you commute from the 'burbs in. I can't vote for someone's traffic policy when it looks like they haven't electively walked a kilometre in their lives!
  4. Props to the COPE guys who thought to advertise on public transit. I voted for you 'cause of that - sorry it didn't work out. Thanks for thinking about who's going to be reading it and where, and also for caring about the infrastructure. NPA's guys are just worried about merging out of that drive-thru in their SUV loaded with take-out trash!
  5. Why on Earth would your campaign stick to "old fashioned, common-sense" ideals? Why would anyone want to vote in a party with no new insight?

Anyway, just a quick little "yippee!" for the lovely results of our civic election. It's nice to see Dianne Watts kicking butt in Surrey, too!

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