Thursday, July 21, 2011

Westside Pocket Market - Kits Neighbourhood House

I like SPEC, quite a lot. They're good people, those SPECers. I hope they don't mind me re-posting their advertisement here, but I'd like to spread the word!

TODAY from 3pm to 7pm at the Kits Neighbourhood House (7th & Vine) is the Westisde Pocket Market. They run every Thursday at that time, from the 7th of June right through 'til the 8th of September. So if you can't make it today, you've still got time.

And they even feature workshops on "Eating Local on a Budget" and food preservation. Marvellous stuff!

I love the Pocket Market poster, too. As you probably know from earlier posts, I really like the guerilla-gardening, urban-agriculture, victory-garden revival happening, and I especially like the associated artwork.

My beloved joeseppi poster. He's made more - I want!

Joeseppi on is where I got my "Grow Food on an Organic Farm" poster that everyone asks about. And he's got all sorts of new stuff (including backyard chicken temporary tattoos that are MUCH cooler than they sound!). He's a lovely, like-minded individual living States-side in Portland.

There's also a really pretty (I think, anyway) website for J Wirtheim's design studio:

joeseppi on - cool beans. Reasonably priced, too! :)

Check out Joeseppi on Etsy for those temporary tattoos that will make you the coolest farmer's market attendee ever! (There's just one tattoo so far, the chicken (which is awesome), and it's included in a 6 pack of postcards with a few bonus stickers as well. And it costs $6 US, which is UNDER $6 Cdn! Shipping only $2.50, so buy two (one as a gift!) and it works out to be almost exactly $14 Cdn even).

If you buy that 6 postcard set, you could string up some jute twine between two tacks on the wall, and clip on the postcards with mini wooden clothespins like these (I got mine at either YokoYaya/Daiso or a dollar store for MUCH less than that, though). It would cost easily under $10. Tell me that's not a great idea!

(I borrowed

And while I'm on the urban agri subject, one other reminder about the farmer's market at Kits High (also where Tenth Church - Kits congregates) on Sundays. (Don't forget about the UBC Farm, too! Saturdays 9am - 1pm).

This may be Vancouver's BummerSummer, but we can still hit up the Farmer's Market, and that's something to be happy about!

Borrowed from Vancouver Farmers Markets!


WEDNESDAY:       UBC Bookstore 11:30am - 1:30pm (UBC Farm)
THURSDAY:      Westside Pocket Market @ KNH 7th & Vine 3pm - 7pm (SPEC)
SATURDAY:         UBC Farm 9am - 1pm (UBC Farm)
SUNDAY:            Vancouver Farmer's Market - Kits 10am - 2pm (

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