Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tissue Paper Flowers

I love making tissue paper flowers. It was probably my all-time favourite Brownie craft. They are also a very cheap (if not free) way of decorating for a girl's birthday party, a cinco de mayo party or even a midsummer's garden party outdoors (a great way to add some visual interest to party tents or gazebos).

And it's a great way to stash-bust, to borrow a saying from Ravelry! When your stockpile of used tissue paper reaches critical mass (i.e. after a bridal shower!), here's a great way to get rid of a bunch of it!

I won't re-write the instructions here, since there's a fantastic video you can watch that summarizes the process very nicely (on Disney Family Video):

One thing I did differently is just use florist's wire (or you can use long pipe cleaners), if you don't need a visible stem. I stuck mine on the wall with thumbtacks.

Also, aprons are for ninnies. (Unless you're in the kitchen, in which case they're outright practical and recommended). But seriously lady, a peach gingham apron? Frightening.

Incidentally, since mine have served their purpose as party decor, they are up for adoption! Let me know if you'd like them - I'd be happy to pass them on to a tea party or fiesta! Otherwise, they are completely recyclable....!

Want 'em? They're yours! Let me know! :)

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