Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Shopping - Cheap Cookbooks!

While I was linking the previous post's mention of Moosewood's "New Classics" cookbook to their website (and remembering that they only ship to the USA), I went and checked the used book prices on Amazon and stumbled across savings that blow my mind!

I bought my copy "used" on in 'good' or 'decent' condition or something like that. Well, it arrived with the original Costco price tag still on it, in mint condition! And I paid something obscene for it, too, but nothing as cheap as the prices posted today!

Maybe today's the day to do some online shopping! These links will no doubt expire soon as the items sell, but if you've been thinking about getting this cookbook, I say act fast! Especially because of the looming potential postal strikes...!

Don't forget that you can save money on shipping when you buy more, so check and see if there aren't other titles to pick up that may be worth your while in the long run. Think of future Christmas gifts, too - save yourself some money up front this year! Only 6 months to go after all!

Moosewood's "New Classics" Cookbook (I've previously reviewed it here if you want a refresher):


$2.91 CDN (plus $6.49 CDN for shipping & handling) = $9.40
*Best Deal!*

USED on (note shipping costs will differ, and make sure they can send to Canada):

$4.50 USD (plus $3.99 USD shipping, but check for CDN option)

and 3 more at $4.59 USD (plus $3.99 USD shipping, but check CDN options)


$4.59 USD (plus $6.50 USD for Canadian shipping) = $11.09

USED on Chapters/

$9.26 CDN (plus be calculated at check-out)


$4.93 (plus shipping) for paperback OR $5.52 (plus shipping) for HARDCOVER (great deal!!!)

Moosewood's "Low Fat Favorites" Cookbook (also previously reviewed it here - yes, I realise it's the American spelling of favourite and is incorrect!):

USED on (note shipping costs will change with CDN addresses...):

$1.00 (wow!) plus $3.99 shipping (and there's 2 at that price!)


$1.11 CDN (plus shipping, not specified - inquire)

USED on Chapters/

$5.33 CDN (plus shipping, not calculated)


$3.97 USD (plus $3.97 shipping to Canada) = $7.94 total


I meant to find a cheap place to buy "Vij's at Home - Relax Honey", but it's still so new (and no one's giving up their copies - seriously the best cookbook I have ever, ever owned), that the cheapest place I know to buy it is at Costco (for about $20 or less, can't quite remember), nearly half the cover price.


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