Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fashion DIY - mostly shoes!

I'm under the gun with my studies these days, so I'm going to sponge off of other crafty people for this post!

Today is the first day of Spring (hooray)! Which means two things to me - gardening (which I've posted quite a bit about recently) and fashion. But with a limited (non-existent) budget, what's a girl to do?

MegAllanColeCrafts has this great tutorial on how to turn plain nude flats (she calls those heels?!) into sharp neon colour-blocked originals. Admittedly, I remember the 80s & 90s (I was there), so neon makes me a wee bit nauseated. But a wedge of colour I can wear without staring at all day long? Count me in!


Personally, I'm going to keep a sharp eye out for some boring neutral shoes and have a go at this myself.

Her videos are great - straight to the point! I like her other craft and fashion ideas, too. Her wall art (currently featured) is cute, but as an origami pro, I'm still more partial to the traditional ways. Here's are a few of Meg's vids that impressed me:

Geometric Necklace
(I totally think you could just do this with chopped-up chopsticks and skip the need to vary the widths. Great way to reuse them! They'll be sprayed and sealed and germ-free in no time).

Peter Pan Collars
(Got a shirt you love but the colour washes you out? Separate your skin from the shirt with a contrasting coloured collar in a hue that flatters you, and there's your fix!)

I'm a little envious of this girl's job. I'm willing to bet she gets paid to do this all day long. Sigh. If only!

More on SHOES:

I found this DIY link as well, and although I'm not crazy about neon, I am completely bonkers for polka dots (and have been for most of this decade!):

Alright, it's decided - I'm going to have to try this one myself!

And from this same "Stripes and Sequins" site, a Top Ten list of the best DIY sites out there:

....where I found "A Pair and a Spare" and this toe-cap DIY (more shoe upgrading):

Glitter 'n' Glue, another of the Stripes & Sequins' Top Ten, also has a toe-cap tutorial (in gold) and a DIY neon studded clutch.

But this asymmetrical hemline skirt is what I found the most impressive:

Sigh, alright - that was a fun little break, but I have to get back at it.

Coming soon - another free crochet pattern by me. Good and weird and green - hope it's at least entertaining!

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