Friday, December 30, 2011

Green & Broke in 2012 - Looking Ahead!

A belated Merry Christmas to all readers, and a Happy New Year coming up!

The Christmas season is not a happy time of year for everyone, and I'd like to acknowledge that for anyone reading who had a less-than-ideal holiday season.

Looking ahead for 2012, I'd like to give a few peeks at posts I've been working on, and some that I'd like to do:

  1. The Vintage Shopping MEGA List! Yep, as soon as I get around to Main and Commercial's gems and snap shots of them, I'll be able to put together the ultimate list of recommended places to find the best consignment and vintage clothes for the best prices. And hopefully just in time for springtime shopping!
  2. The Pura Vida Kitsilano (A Visitor's Guide to Kits). I've been inspired by Erin Morris' great blog on Costa Rica (De La Pura Vida Costa Rica), and to assuage my feelings of envy I decided that I could also write a travel blog . . . provided I kept it to my own neighbourhood. So I'm reporting on what makes Kits "Kits", and including some top souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Kitsilano, too.
  3. A Man's Guide to Kits. I know that many of my posts are decidedly feminine (how many guys do you think get excited about consignment shoes?! Just a few, at best!). So to round out my readership, I've been picking my husband's brain to come up with tips on how to live cheaply and happily in this costly place. Warning: most of it has to do with electronics so far.
  4. What I'd like to do NEXT Christmas. This post will either have to wait or come fast on the heels of this Christmas - I'm beginning to become aware of my propensity for Christmas-related posts (mostly because if you want to have a handmade Christmas, you have to start in August/September!).
  5. Meltdowns: We all have them. Help Available in Vancouver. As I mentioned in my opener, Christmastime isn't peaceful and joyful for everyone. If you don't believe me, read the news - this year's lowlights included a family massacre in Texas. Well, regardless of the time of year that stress overload occurs, it's always good to know what resources are available (especially free resources!).
That's it for drafts-in-progress for now. As always, if there's a topic you'd like me cover, please comment! Otherwise, it's just more of me prattling on about what I want to talk about.

Buy a Hope in Shadows calendar from a street vendor for $20 and help someone make an honest income.

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2012 bring much optimism and change for the better for everyone . . . and hopefully not the end of the world as the Mayan's calendar suggests (I still think some poor person with very sore arms holding a hammer and a chisel just decided to stop at 2012 thinking that his boss wouldn't care or notice). Here's to a year of less stress for everyone - my resolution: Stress Less. I recommend it.

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