Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Walkabouts

The cool air and partly sunny skies make for excellent walking weather, something that won't last long!

Here are some sights I saw on some of my latest walks + some transit where required. Hope these inspire you to take a walk today, before the cold rains set in for good!

Clark Drive
Where SPEC was....
Street View - controversial, but so useful!
Stop x 2 and Smell the Flowers
Where SPEC is moving to!
What a hole. (Get it?! Lumen!)
Pretty today, pile of rubble tomorrow! Built from unreinforced brick masonry in the 1930's (and earlier), this hospital is going to crumble in even a moderate earthquake. WE NEED A NEW HOSPITAL!!!

And the digital point-and-shoot that covers all my blog photography - the little green Samsung:

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