Thursday, January 27, 2011

West Coast Seeds Order 2011

I just received my 2011 top-up of West Coast Seeds in the mail, and of course I'm so excited I have to share!

New things to try in a balcony setting! I'm not holding out big hopes for the eggplant...

Not only did they arrive within 5 days (and I ordered on a Sunday!), they also came with a bonus pack of seeds!

I wanted to buy the Bee Blend to help our local pollinators. I wasn't sure if the blend would suit my street garden, so I decided that maybe I shouldn't hoard these seeds myself when other people could make better use of them. That, and being functionally broke, I didn't want to spend extra money on seeds that won't produce food.

In my shipment of seeds (Champion collards, Fairytale eggplant, Blushing Beauty sweet peppers, Bright Lights swiss chard, Sweet Million cherry tomato, Winterkeeper Lutz beets, and Bandit leeks . . . the Romano pole beans must be backordered or something because I wasn't charged), a Pollinator Blend of "thank you" seeds came along with my order.

Ah yeah! Untreated, non-GMO seeds to help our bees and pollinators! For free!

And I suddenly have the perfect place(s) to put these. Funny how that works!

West Coast Seeds didn't advertise the special 'bonus' of a wildflower blend, but maybe if you place your order today or tomorrow, you'll also receive a bonus seed pack!

Pretty excited about this order! It will be the first time I try growing collards, eggplant, pepper, swiss chard and leeks in my balcony garden. This is especially fortuitous timing since someone (ahem) forgot to cover her winter crop seedlings in that cold spell before Christmas and lost pretty much everything. Now that the daffodils are budding in the courtyard at work, and the bluebell bulbs sprouted in cold storage on the deck, I get the feeling that nature has decided spring will be coming early this year.

The Lee Valley spade was a birthday gift from my lovely, lovely, lovely man!

So long as I'm planting cold-hardy plants, I think it's safe to say that seed starting is going to start as soon as I have a spare evening! Which may not be 'til after the wedding this summer . . .

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  1. I'm going to try golden beats this year! They are soooooooo tasty!!!