Monday, November 8, 2010

VPL Spring Booksale Dates

I attended my first Vancouver Public Library Booksale this past October (thank you Laura and Chris for the tip!). It was chaotic and crowded, but I found wonderful treasures in both the library and friends-of-the-library sales (separate tills, cash only) .
I spent less than $10 overall and got a Rudyard Kipling hardcover anthology (including The Jungle Book stories), Kingsley's The Water Babies in hardcover, an old-fashioned King James edition of the Holy Bible complete with colour plates (gorgeous paintings) and a book prize inscription from a White Rock school in the early 60's. Lovely - I love old books!
I also got a hardcover Japanese book (with hiragana next to the kanji so kids/gaijin like me can read it!) called the Christmas Box, and 6 PG Wodehouse paperbacks . . . at 55 cents each, I felt as though I was stealing them! I usually buy them for $5 apiece in used bookstores!
Nine dollars and change. I can't believe it, either!
Dates for the Spring booksale are April 28th to May 1st (put them into your planner now!), which is a Thursday to a Sunday. Full information is on the VPL event website, here.

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