Monday, October 18, 2010

Fair Trade Recycled Materials Christmas Gifts from Around the Globe

So you don't want to try making it yourself, and you don't think that the intangible charity donation is a gift that will warm the heart of your intended recipient. What options are left?

Quite a few, actually! In fact, far too many for me to post here. Here are some of the fair-trade, recycled material gifts that caught my eye. If you're not finding the 'right gift', do search the linked websites yourself - it may be that your perfect ethical, eco-friendly gift is waiting for you there.

Incidentally, if you're looking for gifts for the cyclist or the tech-saavy, there's plenty of cool repurposed bike chain and upcycled computer circuitboard based art on offer! Environmentally sound and ethically traded - can't argue with that.

By retailer & country of origin:

Haiti: Recycled oil drum fishes wall decoration ($24) and leafy candleholder ($90)

Vietnam: Recycled newspaper coiled ball ornament ($6) and coiled bowl/basket ($12)
From Coiled Recycled Newspaper Bowl
 Nepal: Recycled sari coin purse ($6) and shoulder bag ($36). Reclaimed silk shoulder bag $55
From Handmade Jute Paper Journal with Recycled Fabric Cover
Bangladesh: Recycled glass and palm fibre drinking glasses ($20 for 4), matching pitcher ($25). Plain recycled glasses - tall ($5 each). Cheery fabric patchwork journal with handmade jute paper small ($16) and large ($24)
From Recycled Glass Drinking Glasses
India: Recycled polished metal bangle set ($16). Recycled bike chain small round frame ($18) and rectangular frame ($24). Repurposed metal washers photo frame small ($14) and larger washer frame ($24). Awesome metal washer fruit bowl ($38)
From Recycled Metal Washer Fruit Bowl

Philippines: Recycled newspaper beaded necklace ($5)

Indonesia: Gorgeous modern recycled aluminum server with woven handle detail ($58)

Guatemala: Recycled native Huipiles (blouse) fabric handbag ($42)

Haiti: Recycled oil drum metal Christmas tree ornaments set ($14.99USD); Recycled oil drum metal sun wall decoration ($37.99USD) and beautiful 'Tree of Life' wall art ($79.99USD). Another with giraffes and trees ($79.99USD)
From Oil Drum 'Tree of Life'
From Oil Drum Giraffes Wall Art
Kenya: Recycled beads made of washed-up flip flops earrings ($17.99USD) and another version ($24.99USD) - you're actually cleaning beaches with this purchase! Recycled newspaper bead long necklace ($24.99USD). Recycled tin and wire bicycle pin ($9.99USD)
From Gorgeous Long Newspaper Bead Necklace
Mexico: Pop-top clutch purse ($39.99USD); recycled wrapper coin purse ($19.99USD)

India: Recycled inner tube messenger bag ($39.99USD)
From Crabby scrap tin sculpture
Zimbabwe: Recycled scrap tin crab sculpture ($11.99USD)

From telephone wire bangles (featured by Diane von Furstenberg)
South Africa: Recycled colourful telephone wire bangles (featured in haute couture designer Diane von Furstenberg's show!) ($24.99USD)

Cambodia: Recycled newspaper (laminated) wallet ($14.99USD) or  messenger bag ($44.99USD). Recycled rice bag deluxe wallet ($24.99USD)
From Laminated recycled newspaper messenger bag

Indonesia: Recycled glass bead bracelet & earring set ($14USD) or necklace ($18USD)
From Incredible woven recycled plastic floor mat
Thailand: Fantastic recycled plastic woven "Turkish-style" floor mats for indoor/outdoor use ($39-$89USD); recycled fabric commuter laptop and computer accessories case set ($69USD)

India: Recycled brass temple bells / mobiles - camels, horses and fish (5.99UK). Recycled sari fabric Christmas stockings (12.99UK) or star ornaments made of sari fabric (2.99UK). Recycled sari coin purse (7.99UK). Bike chain art - gear tealight holder (3.99UK), 3-hook bike chain coat rack (13.99UK)
From Recycled Sari Fabric stocking in red

Madagascar: Recycled pop cans racing car (6.99UK) and a mini version (3.99UK). Incredible recycled pop can airplane (14.99UK)
From Recycled Pop Can Racing Car

From Recycled Pop Can Airplane

Haiti: Recycled oil drum metal sacred heart ornaments ($24USD) and small 'Tree of Life' wall decoration ($36USD)

From Recycled oil drum metal small Tree of Life
From Recycled oil drum metal sacred hearts

Thailand: Recycled Singha or Chang beer (or Coke) can wallet ($22USD)
From recycled beer can wallets

Extra benefit: each purchase helps fund rainforest habitat preservation!

Haiti & Ghana (jointly): Recycled glass bead and copper "Shared Hope" necklace ($18.95USD) and bracelet ($14.95USD)
From "Shared Hope" recycled glass necklace

Haiti: Recycled oil drum metal Christmas tree 3ornament set - probably the best deal for this material ($4.80USD)
From Guatemalan coffee bag recycled tote

Guatemala: Recycled understated but lovely coffee or rice bag tote with clasp ($14.95USD) - another great bargain

France: Recycled garden soil bag gardening apron ($22USD)

Indonesia: Recycled parachute, old paintings and magazine material Ikat-patterned tote bag ($19.95USD)
From Ikat-patterned recycled tote

Mexico: Recycled billboard fabric tote bag ($10.95USD)

Ghana: Recycled water package cosmetics case ($14.95USD) or backpack ($29.95USD)
From African bottle-cap basket

Zimbabwe: Recycled African bottle-cap and scrap metal shopping basket ($29.95USD)

Philippines: Recycled plastic and foil 'trashy-chic' 3 bracelet set ($8.95USD) and beaded bracelet ($12.95USD)
From Recycled plastic bangles
Burkina Faso: Recycled plastic floor mat fibre bracelets ($4.95USD)

India: Recycled computer circuitboard products:
From Recycled Circuitboard Ornaments
Similarly, a recycled computer key box or telephone key box ($12.95USD)
From Recycled sheet metal ornaments
Recycled sari shoulder bag ($19.95USD). Recycled sheet metal colourful star ornaments ($4.95USD) or Punjab-style lantern ($14.95USD). Recycled and reclaimed plastic shopping bags material yoga mat bag ($20USD)
From Recycled plastic yoga mat bag

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  1. Wow! Great collection of fair trade items! Thank you for sharing it to us. It is a nice feeling to read and see this beautiful products made from different countries worldwide. Thank you to all the artisans who made these fabulous creations! More power to them and to the Fair Trade Industry!

    Anne Oozman
    My Fair Trade Collections Website | Organic Cotton Pillow